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Faster Speeds but Limited

Joshua Pack
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This is a small update. Even though it is small, it does help in making the website a lot faster. Due to the amount of RSS Feeds, I have limited them by date and id of searching. So, I will only search for the last 3 months of data and the last 50,000 posts. This speed up the page from 12 seconds to load, down to 0.3 seconds!

However, I have an issue where you may not see all posts sometimes. I am going to fix that by deleting old articles. Limiting it to only 3-6 months worth of articles. However, I probably won't do this until I get the new framework up.

I also upgraded server to PHP 8.0. Slight speed improvement with that as well. I will start new versioning each release once I get the first new framework up and running. Due to the new framework, I will also need to be resetting all passwords. This is for security, since I will be upgrading the encryption.

I hope you have an amazing week!