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Shark Reader Versions

Joshua Pack
Joshua Pack Blog

Our current release!!! Woohoo!

We will post when new updates come available. Also, at some point I will be posting what the future holds for Shark Reader. Spread the word my friends, spread the word!

Version 0.1 (Public Release):

  • Recent Posts – Shows all posts from all folders in one view. 
  • Favorite Posts – Allows you to tag and save your favorite posts! 
  • Add Feeds – Add new feeds to our system 
  • Add Folders – Add new folders to categorize your news! 
  • Delete Folder – Ability to delete your folder 
  • Delete Feed – Ability to delete your feed from a spcific folder 
  • New Posts Available – Currently an orange bar will appear at the top of your subscription page showing you how many new posts you have 
  • Discover – A way to see all posts within Shark Reader 
  • Social Sharing – Ability to share a post on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest(pintrest is only available on the direct link page)