Shark Reader Versions

Shark Reader SubscriptionsOur current release!!! Woohoo!

We will post when new updates come available. Also, at some point I will be posting what the future holds for Shark Reader. Spread the word my firiends, spread the word!

Version 0.1 (Public Release):

  • Recent Posts – Shows all posts from all folders in one view.
  • Favorite Posts – Allows you to tag and save your favorite posts!
  • Add Feeds – Add new feeds to our system
  • Add Folders – Add new folders to categorize your news!
  • Delete Folder – Ability to delete your folder
  • Delete Feed – Ability to delete your feed from a spcific folder
  • New Posts Available – Currently an orange bar will appear at the top of your subscription page showing you how many new posts you have
  • Discover – A way to see all posts within Shark Reader
  • Social Sharing – Ability to share a post on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest(pintrest is only available on the direct link page)
Shark Reader Home Page

Shark Reader Blog

Shark Reader Home PageWe are super excited to be launching a blog about Shark Reader! We know how important information and updates to the site is, and the best way to serve that information is through a blog. We are currently in the process of updating the theme and allowing for a better branded blog. In the mean time, we will keep you update to all of the new updates that are coming along on Shark Reader!

As always, if you have any questions, comments or need help, do not hesitate to use the chat button on the bottom right of the website. We are always happy to answer any questions or take in any feedback you may have.

~Joshua Pack